Alexandros Georgakopoulos Graduate Student

Alexandros Georgakopoulos

Alexandros Georgakopoulos
Graduate Student at The University of Chicago

B.S. Cornell University, 2012

929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

    Ningyuan Jia, Nathan Schine, Alexandros Georgakopoulos, Albert Ryou, Ariel Sommer, Jonathan Simon, "A Strongly Interacting Polaritonic Quantum Dot" arXiv:1705.07475

    Jia Ningyuan, Alexandros Georgakopoulos, Albert Ryou, Nathan Schine, Ariel Sommer, Jonathan Simon, "Observation and characterization of cavity Rydberg polaritons" Physical Review A 4, 041802 2016