Aziza Suleymanzade MRSEC Graduate Fellow

Aziza Suleymanzade

Aziza Suleymanzade
MRSEC Graduate Fellow at The University of Chicago

B.A., Harvard University, MPhil, University of Cambridge - 2014 (with Z. Hadzibabic)

929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

Women in Physics Talks

    Mark Stone, Aziza Suleymanzade, Lavanya Taneja, David Schuster and Jonathan Simon, "Optical mode conversion in coupled Fabry-Pérot resonators" Optics Letters 46, 21-24

    Aziza Suleymanzade, Alexander Anferov, Mark Stone, Ravi K. Naik, Jonathan Simon, and David Schuster, "A tunable High-Q millimeter wave cavity for hybrid circuit and cavity QED experiments" Applied Physics Letters 116, 104001

    Alexander Anferov, Aziza Suleymanzade, Andrew Oriani, Jonathan Simon and David Schuster, "Millimeter-Wave Four-Wave Mixing via Kinetic Inductance for Quantum Devices" Physical Review Applied 13, 024056