Clai Owens NSF Graduate Fellow

Clai Owens

Clai Owens
NSF Graduate Fellow at The University of Chicago

B.A., Emory University, 2013

929 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

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    Clai Owens, Aman LaChapelle, Brendan Saxberg, Brandon Anderson, Ruichao Ma, Jonathan Simon, David I Schuster, "Quarter-Flux Hofstadter Lattice in Qubit-Compatible Microwave Cavity Array" Physical Review A 97, 013818

    Ruichao Ma, Clai Owens, Andrew Houck, David I Schuster, Jonathan Simon, "An Autonomous Stabilizer for Incompressible Photon Fluids and Solids" Physical Review A 95, 043811

    Ruichao Ma, Clai Owens, Aman LaChapelle, David I Schuster, Jonathan Simon, "Hamiltonian tomography of photonic lattices" Physical Review A 95, 062120

    Brandon M Anderson, Ruichao Ma, Clai Owens, David I Schuster, Jonathan Simon, "Engineering Topological Many-Body Materials in Microwave Cavity Arrays" Physical Review X 4, 041043

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